Documentaries / Camille Patha, Painter of Abstract Color

Camille Patha is one of the Northwest’s most recognized abstract painters. She asked us to do a little profile about her and her work and this is a short segment from a longer piece and was used to open a live presentation at the Tacoma Art Museum. She is extraordinary person… Here’s a quote from Camille regarding her recent work:

“Coming from the roots of American abstraction, my recent works are complicated, intricate color definitions, dialogues of color and shape that belie my personal dark vision. Yet my new work is not gestural abstraction, as in American art of the 1950s and ’60s but a refined and thoughtful language, carefully painted with sharp, clean edges, and includes delicate transparencies as thin as the wisp of a hummingbird’s breath.

I remain engaged, though detached. My works are neither politically driven nor intended as narratives. Each is a focus of light through my inner persona. And although figurative imagery may be absent, emotional intimacy is present and very important to each work. I remain on a road of continued discovery, striving for a purer art form”

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